Mobile Applications and Software Development

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Mobile Applications

  • Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (based on Apple iOS)
  • Apps for Apple Watch / watchOS
  • Apple Push Notifications (APN)
  • In-App-Purchase (IAP)
  • Apple Pay (Mobile Payment)
  • Apps for Android Smartphone, Tablet and Handset (based on Google Android OS)
  • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
  • In-App-Billing (IAB)
  • Apps for Windows Phone
  • Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS)

Software Development

  • JAVA Application Development
  • Mac OS X / macOS Application Development
  • Apple TV / tvOS Application Development
  • Objective-C / Swift / Cocoa Application Development
  • Xcode / XCTest / XCUITest / Android Studio Application Development
  • XML / XSL / XSLT Data Transformation
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Geo Database Search Engine
  • Location Based Services

Web Applications

  • Web Site Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Web Site Programming with PHP, CakePHP
  • Database Connectivity with MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • Content Management with Drupal, Wordpress or Custom Implementations
  • Server Interface Connectivity with REST, JSON, XML, YAML
  • PHP-Framework Solutions

Server / Backend

  • Automated Application Build Server for iOS Apps
  • Automated Application Build Server for Android Apps
  • Apple Push Notification Delivery Server Interface
  • Google Cloud Messaging Delivery Server Interface
  • In-App-Purchase Server Verification System
  • In-App-Billing Server Verification System